Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Come hang out and rock and read with me here...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Stuffy And All That Stuff?

The thing about all that “stuff” in our life? Makes us stuffy. We get so closed up & filled up with life that there’s no room for anyone…even our real self. Obviously, obliviously stuffy! Open a window & feel the fresh wind of God! Knock, Knock! Open that door & let someone in. Don’t blow it…err it out. Make room for the right stuff. A fresh start’s 1st step? Get fresh, get started! When? 1-1-11. See you there.  Trace

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Bird In The Hand

Heard that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, right? Mine’s not anymore…while taking down my 3 bird decorations? One broke in my hand. I think the two left in the bush? Are worth more now… TNT LOL...Just remember?  Everything has value...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

His Presents to us? Presence and Sacrifice

I try, as you do, to look at difficulties, let downs or disappointments as an opportunity to be the one to step back & not be first…to replace the hurt with humor & hope & humility…let God do the lifting up so He is the One Lifted up.  I found myself this Christmas thinking of His gift to us…His presence…His sacrifice.   I realized that I was worrying about my presence too much & not my sacrifice enough.  His gift to us?  His cup runneth over...with presence and sacrifice!  Nuff said.  Trace.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifts And Presence

On stage, we pour out our music & heart...stage presence. Our gift that we share? Is being there...with our whole heart...presence. Celebrate Christmas on the stage of life by giving lots of being there for someone! Presence? Give some today. Presence is what He gave us…Jesus to dwell among us…what a Gift.... Make your gifts? Your presence. Be there! Gotta wrap this up & make myself presentable.  Presents...give me your presence...wrap it up...I'll take it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Portraits Of Poor Traits & A Partridge In a Pear Tree! Portrait time? Love it, right? But it can get cheesy. Be sure your portraits? Don’t show your poor traits! Whether poor character traits or facial…cover them up! Let your rich character traits show in your face & heart. Make sure you don’t look & act like you smell... cheese instead of saying cheese. Now, that’s rich! Smile & say cheese. Keep it mild…keep it sharp!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Store Run For Pudding and Cheer...and Carolers

Just got back from a frantic run to the grocery store for pudding & Cheer detergent. Seems our carolers really lost it after Deck The Halls…they stood outside screaming Bring us some friggin’ pudding & a cup of good Cheer…over & over. Apparently the Halls? Still mad about being decked and had ideas of pudding running... through their heads…or on Bob’s head. Guess the Cheer was for after.  Full story?  Caroling in the cold: We began with Deck The Halls. How was I to know their name was Hall & that Bob would actually deck them? He got mad cuz he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes cuz his apparel was gay. Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the door & called her Wreath-a for saying he’s an ancient troll. ...Yul? Well, he got too close to the fire. See the blazing Yul before us. Give warmth! Keep your cool!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Giving Myself The Boot!

My boots?  They’ve been all over…from The Gettysburg Battlefields to Life’s Battlefields. Anybody walk a mile there? A swift kick is my reminder to encourage…to keep fighting. We all think…”You try to walk a mile in my boots”.  But, really? We all have those miles & the thing is? Would we walk a mile with someone…like He does? If you give someone the boot? Let it be a swift kick that lifts up! 

And my boots?  Tough as leather, like me! And I have to be polished once in a while like my boots…if I want to shine…and last.  Be preserved and resistant to all the stains.  My boots have a soul underneath all that toughness, too…and some strings attached…that get a little knotted up sometimes.  The thing is?  Sometimes it’s lonely even if we aren’t alone.  So, walk a mile with me…I’ll walk with you.  Trace

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wheels and Boxes (don't be a spare)

Wheels & Boxes! The guy who invented the 1st wheel? Wasn’t that great…maybe a little square….in the box? The guy who invented the other 3? He was a GENIUS…the wheels of his brain were turning round & round! He definitely stepped out of the box. But, come on! Spare me! The guy who invented the 5th wheel? Flat out? He changes lives! Hope your day is out of the box! Change a life…even your own. Don’t be sparing!  Trace

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Wind

Life can get in a whirlwind & seem to go against you. A kite? Can’t soar in the sky without the wind & an airplane takes off against it! Some days we run with the wind…others? Against it. Reminds me of a Bob Seger song, Against The Wind! Want to soar or fly? Remember who makes the Wind! When it blows hard, remember the... Wind Maker! & when it blows softly? Remember the Windmaker! Life? Stay winded…be blown away! TNT LOL

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interpreting Christmas Carols!!!

Neighbors, Caroling & Interpretation: We started with Deck The Halls. How was I to know their names were Hall & that Bob would actually deck them. Bob got mad when he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes cuz his apparel was gay. Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the door & called her Wreath-a for saying he's an ancient troll. Yul? Well, he got too close to some lights...see the blazing Yul before us?TNT LOL PIMP

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Video (share our creation or create your very own)

So, while you are keeping warm and thinking about doing Christmas on.  Sending out cards?  Has always something dear to me since I was a little girl.  I love sending cards to bring joy and humor and love and encouragement into someones day...and at Christmas I always sent out 100's of cards to anyone that touched my life through all the years.  Well, the past 3 years I haven't been able to due to finances and health.  So, I came up with a Christmas card Video.  We wrote our own original jazzy/blues/rock Christmas song and I scanned through all those cards that everyone wondered why I kept all my life.  They are in an old dresser...still useful.  Anyway, I scanned them and found ones that tell the story of our song and just ones that I cherish for many different and unique reasons...just as I cherish each one that gave them...uniquely.   Doing the video enable us to send cards out and honor even those who are gone.  And include them in the video.  We are offering our song download for free at our website for the whole month.  And our videos are at Facebook and Youtube and can be shared anytime.  You can use our creation as your card share it to all those that have touched your life because you have touched ours.  I would love to share my Christmas Card Video.  Or you can download, for free, the song itself from our website to your computer.  You can import it into your favorite video making program and add your own scanned cards and photos and share your very own Christmas Card Video.  Very easy.  You can send it out to everyone on your card list.  Even burn a copy for those that want CD's.  If you chose to make your own?  Download the free song here:  The song will be playing on our in-house P.A. System.  Whether you creating your own video or use ours, have a wondrous time sending it out to all those who have touched your life.   Cards are such a blessing to give and to receive...really cool stuff.  Be creative!  If you need any help, feel free to send me questions on Trace's Computer Space of this site and the Home Space page.  Talk soon.

Here is the video on Facebook to share or on Youtube to share also...or use as an example.  Much love and shelter ♥&^, Trace

God's Favor by the b.a.s.i.c. band (on Facebook)

Or share it from here:  I am downloading the video here...


8 Tracks and Life Tracks

‎8 Tracks/Life Tracks: Been off track. How off track? If I was an 8 track? I'd be found skipping on track 9 & you’d have to take me apart to untangle me. I’ve done that to save old music on 8 Tracks & Cassettes many a time. Sometimes we have to untangle our life tape to get back on the right track..even splice them back together at spots. Even re-master! For that? The Master! Yep! Done that! Have an at”track”tive day.  Check out the photo on my music page...shows 8-track tapes...  Stop by my other pages here.  Trace

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handerpants Girl!

If I were a cartoon superhero? Handerpants Girl! To the rescue! To save your hands from the cold! Holding a mic can get cold...pimp lol.  She's always there to lend a hand...a "Handerpants" hand!!! PIMP LOL TNT I wear them right below the feelings I wear on my sleeves. And the boots to keep me reminded to get out their and kick butt and be encouraged and be encouraging! I'll also give you the shirt off my back, but you would have to roll up those worn out sleeves up...worn out by my feelings... Come walk a mile with me.  With handerpants?  Warm hands and warm heart are a pair!!!  Have a fun, warm day!  Trace

So, I love my Handerpants, right? Underpants for the hands? Well, I was thinking...iif any of you out there are rich and want to invest in an idea? How ‘bout “Fingarees”? Dungarees for the hands. You know how I love jeans! Anyone want to invest? We could have "cut-offs", too. Fingerless dungarees! I thought of jean pull-ups or diapers for kids 15 years ago, but didn't act on the idea. Whose with me?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Grin...and bear it!

With this cold? You feeling like a bear? Growling & all?  Feel like hitting the caves & hibernating from the world? Lift up that growling voice & let it out & be filled with His peace!  Go from Grizzly Bear to Stuffed Bear, a teddy bear! Let the “stuff”ing you’re filled with be peace! You can bear it…with thick skin & a soft furry countenance. A bit of toughness & a bit of softness…that’s the way to bear “it”.  Grin…

Always On A Roll

Always on a roll~~~~~  Even when things look bleak, you can be on a roll…even if you feel like it’s your eyes that are on the rolling.  Getting in trouble as a kid? You can get  smacked with a rolled up magazine. On a roll, right?  Or part of me…pimp lol…  Just depends on how you look at things…  Find humor in all the rolls and punches in life…  What rolls my socks down? Or up?  Laughter, music, seeing God in everything…  Gotta roll now...  Have a day that rolls your socks up and down...TNT LOL PIMP